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    Greetings Minitube, I am Adon.

    I think it would be awesome, if more (HD) sites were supported by Minitube (Vimeo etc.). Or even better: How about making it possible, to be able to download from other unsupported sites?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


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    Vimeo looks like the only other interesting site beyond YouTube. But still, I don’t see it as a priority for now.

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    Okay, thanks for the answer, though!

    Anyway, how about making some sort of browser, that “catches” streaming videos on the web and gives the user the option to download them, if one wants?

    Or,… how about making your own alternativ to the “real” flash player? Sort of how flash-video-replacer (Firefox-Addon) works. I know the DivX Web-Player used to make that possible (in Beta), but now doesn’t, since the Beta is over.


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    Rob Adornato

    For what it’s worth, I second the Vimeo idea as a long-term goal.

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    Bruno Rodrigues

    I second this motion, supporting other sited like vimeo,, etc, would be really awesome! Since adobe won\’t release new updates for flash anymore for Linux (only through Google Chrome and they\’ll release fixes for the current version of flash for 5 years), I\’m sure this would make minitube on of the top, must-have linux applications.

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    For me this is also the only reason I use Minitube. The gui is pretty and all, but the real draw is the fact that flash is completely broken in linux. Minitube seems to work far more smoothly than browser workarounds and the automatic queuing is smart.

    I’ve looked through the options and still can’t find a way to search and add videos without destroying my current que. If the general idea is the be a replacement for youtube, this is probably one of the most important features. Right now I am still forced to use it in tandem with youtube and search for every single piece off content only after my previous video has finished.

    The author doesn’t seem particularly apt to take criticism. It would be great if someone could take up what is essentially orphaned software.

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    The general idea is NOT to be a replacement. Don’t know where you got that. It is a different experience. A simpler one. If you want to fiddle around, is the place to go. Orphaned software? You must be joking.

    And finally, accept criticism != implementing random features

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    As far as I can tell you intend to make this into a TV like experience. Being able to search a TV guide while watching/listening to whatever is currently playing is a fundamental feature of the large majority of cable boxes I’ve seen.

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    Here is a good reason for Vimeo support, at least that’s what made me search for, find and reply here.

    SkillsMatter publishes all their videos on Vimeo. So, if you are a programmer or a technical person interested in public speeches about programming, software architecture and other computer related stuff Vimeo is where the talks are.

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