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    Since very recently, videos appear in the wrong order in the sidebar after clicking through to a channel, or when clicking on a subscribed channel, where you would see the latest video of a channel at the top. Ordering by date in the playlist options is broken too. I also get random notifications for supposedly new, but actually old videos now.

    This makes this otherwise very useful app almost unusable for me. I really hope that it can be fixed.

    If you’re redesigning the app Flavio, consider adding folders for channel subscriptions to be able to group them by a user defined category, this could make it a lot more useful for learning, because right now it’s diffuclt to tell the channels apart (the only indicators are Icons and names) which often don’t relate to the overall topic. It would be cool if we could group all channels of a specific topic.

    Good luck, peace.

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    Dave Stedman

    Same issue, Windows 10 OS.

    Time filters not working. This makes subscriptions to channels useless. Videos showing at top of list from two to three years on a very active channel.

    News channels are not very topical when the video is unsortable by date.

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    Same issue on Gentoo Linux.

    That’s actually why I’m here, as I was wondering if it was an API key quota error, or some gentoo update, or something from google/youtube’s end.

    Given that it’s happening to many or all across multiple OSs and API keys, it’s gotta be a google/youtube problem. The question then becomes is it a temporary site/API issue that google/youtube will fix, or is it a permanent change that’s going to require a new minitube version to fix?

    So what else, I googled it! Ended up at the subreadit r/youtube, where there is confirmation (apparently from a google employee, they are said to often hang out there) that it’s a google bug, apparently affecting browser users too, and that they know about and are working on it:

    Just confirming that YouTube is aware the search/sorting functions aren’t working as expected – this is temporary and part of our efforts to better respond, review and remove graphic, violative content from YouTube. Thanks for your patience while we work through this

    The going subreddittor opinion seems to be that it likely has to do with the NZ terrorist attacks, the theory being that people are reposting the banned attack videos faster than YT can take them down, so they killed search by date so people can’t find them, giving them time to be taken down. Of course that wasn’t said in so many words, but given the timing “graphic violative content” does seem to match.

    Regardless of the truth or lack there of to that, the YTer added when asked about an ETA on a fix:

    No specific ETA right now, but hopefully not longer than a week or so.

    There was a link to a support thread also, but if I post it this will probably be tagged for moderation due to possible spam, so I won’t. People can of course google it themselves if they wish.

    So it’s a temporary google/YT thing that may take a week to fix… =:^( At least that means it shouldn’t require a new minitube release to fix. =:^)

    OTOH, I wonder what it’d take to sort them client-side? As people have said, minitube’s near useless without sort. Of course that’d be up to Flavio whether he thinks it’s worth the trouble. Probably not for a single incident of under a week.

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    The same problem here on Linux Mint 18.3 64bit. Is there a solution?

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    same problem in fedora 29 via flatpak

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    > Is there a solution?

    Wait for youtube to get its act together?

    In theory, a dev could sort on the local (aka minitube) side, but google/youtube /had/ provided an API that let the dev simply request that it be server-side sorted, and that’s what minitube and many other apps depended on, youtube’s server-side sort. Of course that assumes youtube will actually do the sort, which they’re not doing now.

    Presumably if the youtube-side sort breakage continues long enough, devs will adapt their apps to do local-side sort, or their apps will simply fall into disuse as unworkable, but someone has to actually write the local-side sort code first, then release an updated version including it. Given that youtube says the breakage will be temporary, by the time such code was written, tested and made available in a release, google/youtube may well have fixed it on their side, so for now it’s mostly a waiting game, to see if it’ll stay broken long enough to be worth the trouble of writing and debugging the additional local-side sort code.

    Workaround: It’s worth noting that the web-side breakage isn’t quite as bad, at least as long as you browse by youtube channel, as at least the latest few videos appear to be properly sorted on the channel pages. General search sort-by-time is still broken web-side, but if you know the channel, you can go to it and get the latest videos that way.

    So what I’m doing now is going to my minitube-subscribed channels and letting the first one, whatever random old one it is, start to play, then hitting ctrl-y to go to the page in my browser of choice, then clicking the channel link there so I get the channel web page on youtube, and getting the new videos that way. It’s a laborious workaround that definitely slows me down, but it works. Presumably if I had a google account and subscribed to youtube channels via that account, that’d work with a bit less hassle, but I don’t have nor want a google account so minitube channel subscriptions is what I’ve been using, thus necessitating the workaround.

    Meanwhile, for more general (that is, not channel specific) search, the workaround I’ve seen recommended is to use normal google search (not youtube search, google search), search for videos, restrict the video search to youtube using site:youtube.com, and then restrict it (in tools) to the past hour, 24 hours, week, etc, as appropriate. While not exactly sort by time and you have to do it via google.com (or I suppose bing or whatever) not youtube search, that does let you see only the new videos and it seems to work here, tho I’ve been mostly worried about minitube-subscribed channel updates and using the channel-specific workaround above, so I’ve only just tested this more general google-search workaround as I post.

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    FWIW it started working again IIRC yesterday.

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