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    Will there ever be a gtk version of Musique for the Gnome users who really don’t want any qt deps on their operation system?

    Btw. Keep up the good work, I enjoy using Musique every time a launch it!

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    In short, no. Why do you worry about dependencies anyway? Qt libs are not that big and even come preinstalled in Ubuntu.

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    You’re right, but basicly I’m building a system (based on Arch) to suit my own needs and want to keep the size/memory usage as low as possible. Alsa I do prefer most of the available gtk applications over the qt applications, and at last it’s difficult to make qt software use custom gtk themes.
    But thanks for the answer anyways!

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    Hi mate. Just reporting that it works on a Kindle 5.

    Only one thing making it falter mate ;)
    no mono target :D

    A Qt ordered dither mono rendered version for Eink screens…
    that would be nice ey…

    On a kindle 4, 5 and PW (possibly a 3 – working on it)

    the eink code is already available

    and here it is in action playing very nicely thank you very much on a kindle…. (with no sound)

    So as you can see you application is perfectly placed to explode onto the homebrew market.

    It’s already proved as “running”. Via debian armel port.

    Pushing the changes there may take time but all great things generally so. Thanks for the awesome app ;)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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