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    Isaac Puch Rojo

    Hi Flavio Tordini,
    Could you write on the docs the source for the lyrics? Or you don’t want to have legals problems from it?
    It was a little hidden, but I find how to edit the lyrics on finetune, if they don’t find one.
    I could make the same with kid3. But it is a little buggy:
    1. One program add another tag lyrics as the other.
    2. musique don’t search always the lyrics tag and search for the song alone, and don’t save the result on the lyrics tag. Could you please explain hoy to work?

    Another problem is music with the tag “lyrics:None” (tag lyrics, description “None”, Encoding UTF8) that i purchased from bandcamp.com. The lyrics are displayed on musique, but without the line breaks. Sorry for post on this forum.

    Thanks for the programs.

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    natalie portman

    For what reason do I need to pay to see interpretations now?? I like interpreting melodies and I deciphered 20+ till now, I generally tune in to the tune again after I include assignment help for me interpretation and I can’t see them now?? In case you’re THAT urgent for cash, simply add a cost to the entire application so we don’t need to try purchasing ever…

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    Hanna Jackson

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    Hanna Jackson

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