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    Patrick Kueppers

    I upgraded to 2.1.6 and saw that the download button was removed. What’s going on here?

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    Matt K

    Same here. No download button. Was there before I installed update. Now it’s gone. I tried reinstalling a new copy from the main website, and still no download button.

    Really frustrating. It’s one of the main features of this app. Now it’s gone.

    Please help!


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    Dear Flavio,

    First of all, thank you for writing Minitube as offering it as free software.
    I am experiencing the same problem: Since 2.1.5, the download button and it corresponding menu item are gone. What’s more, the other buttons in the toolbar have lost their labels. That is, the other buttons are there in the toolbar, upon mouse hover the status bar shows their corresponding description, and one can click on them and they work, but their labels have disappeared from the toolbar; they have become invisible.
    Nothing has changed on my end: the same desktop environment (LXDE), the same kernel, etc. In fact going back to 2.0 these problems don’t exits. Any help you could offer towards solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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    – In case anyone else is wondering, here is Flavio’s response from a while back:

    – One can go back by checking out and making 2.0 from the git repository.

    – Flavio, in the spirit of free software, I hope you consider creating two branches in the git repository, withdownload and nodownload, say, so that the user can build and run the software as she wishes. You can offer the binaries built off of the nodownload branch if the threat from Google is severe (which would be surprising if it is, since there are hundreds of YouTube download plugins, many available from the official Hopefully this is not too hard to do for you since you are familiar with your code. Merging in a downloadfeature branch into withdownload and not doing the merge for nodownload should be easily doable providing that the download features are easily separable from the rest of the code.

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    Ctrl+L will copy the video link..

    VLC will download / convert..

    Alt + <tab> will switch between them. ;)

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    M.Isabel Font

    Dear sir, I am glad I could use minitube in my lessons, because my secondary school classes could watch videos about Biology, without having internet connection. (there is no connectivity in my secondary school) . I liked minitube because of the download button. I used to search for some interesting videos on biology with minitube, choose one, and show it in the class. Now my notebook with linux mint is broken, I had to buy another, which has ubuntu, and I decided to add minitube. Now I cannot find the download button anylonger. Please , reconsider to add it.
    Thank you for your work.
    M.Isabel Font , secondary school teacher in Chile.

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    M.Isabel Font

    I saw the answer, it is a legal issue, ok, I understand.

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