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    J. Wood


    Following an install of Minitube 3.0 on a Win7 platform and entry of video search terms, Minitube locates the relevant videos but just keeps scrolling down. There’s no way any video can be selected while this is happening. Did YouTube change their format again? Thanks for looking into it. You have a great app and I never had a problem with your earlier releases. Sincerely,

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    I do experience the same skipping problem of video’s after a search was done.

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    M. J. Williams

    It’s a great app…

    But I’m experiencing the same issue. I have a 64 bit Win 10 and a Ubuntu 19.04 64 bit DeskTop box. And it happens on both setups.
    Is there a 64 bit app? Or is that necessary. I’ve run the prior apps without this particular problem…what’s UP?

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    Dale Hair

    Same thing on debian. This app is unusable.

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    Jason Pell

    I get this on 18.04 with 3.1, but only on a slower machine with no nvidia graphics card. On a fast machine with 18.04 it works fine.

    I used the source /opt/qt512/bin/ trick and the extra ppa to get it working, so I figure there is not a lot of onus to fix this, but since others reported ame issue on supported platform.

    I suspect its a timing issue due to the slow performance of my older machine where the issue occurred.

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    Yves Farge

    I also experience the same problem.
    Got this endless scrolling on Mac with Catalina or with the previous OS.
    Can’t use the app any more

    Besides it’s a great app.
    Please Falvio do something about it. I have recommended the app to friends who purchased it and also cannot use it.


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    I am also experiencing the same problem.
    Continuous Scrolling with openSUSE tumbleweed.
    Release 20200124 32-bit

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    If i use a VPN to surpass the GFW, Minitube works fine.
    When i use Trojan app to surpass the GFW, Minitube doesn’t work, and it keeps strolling down.
    I think the issue is due that Minitube doesn’t support Proxy.

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    When i use a VPN, Minitube works fine.
    When i use Trojan app to surpass the GFW, Minitube doesn’t work.
    I think the issue lies in that Minitube doesn’t support Proxy.
    Please help us to figure out.

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    The video can be played in a browser (Safari) without sound (1440p or 2160p), but it cannot be played in Minitube. So i think the issue lies in Minitube that it doesn’t follow system proxy settings.

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