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    Tomáš Jakubec

    1. It would be great if we could choose how to sort the artist – alphabetically, by year, by play count etc…
    2. Are you planning some kind of remote control possibility for mobile phones? Like the app for iphone/android which can remotely control itunes via wifi. I think there is some kind of special protocol which enables this, it is functional in both itunes and windows media player. That would be the last feature that would make me but Musique :)

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    Ty Jones

    Oops…I looked for a topic like this but didn’t notice it and double posted.

    I agree with the artist sorting. I would love to see the artists sorted alphabetically instead of (appearingly) random.

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    I bring my voice to this request, it’s sad that the sorting is not understandable, so finding an artist is difficult :(

    You could add a button or a menu to select the sorting (alphabetically, by date, etc).

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    Artists are sorted by descending number of tracks. Albums are sorted by artist and year. The problem with albums is that the artist order is not well defined. Anyway I’m aware that some sorting controls are needed. It’s been in the TODO since the very start and has a very high priority.

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    Thx for your answer Flavio ;) Keep the good work !

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    Bert Speckels

    Thank you.
    Would be really great to sort by name.

    But I have another idea: Why not sort by genre? Then similar artist will be displayed side by side :-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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