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    Any chance of a 64bit linux version?

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    Well, from a strict costs/benefits point of view I think it would not be worth the effort. In practice I already installed Ubuntu 64bit in a VirtualBox image.

    I’m a bit wary about having people purchase a .zip file containing two packages. It adds the extraction phase and some inexperienced users may not know which package to install. This is the reason that’s holding me. Linux geeks may laugh at it. But I really care about less skilled users.

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    Why not have two download buttons then? One for 32bit and one for 64bit? That is, if packaging is your only concern. Could save a little bit on bandwidth costs too. Not really sure how much work it is to create a build for 64bit though. I would think it wouldn’t be too hard if you already had a set up which allowed for building for Ubuntu, Windows, and OSX though.

    But I do most of my programming in Ruby, so what would I know.

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    I think the same as Raven: two buttons would be a good solution.

    Now almost all computers support 64 bits, so every day more people use 64-bit operating systems.

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    Or I could just add a “64bit” button beside “Try it” and “Buy now”. The button would open an overlay that briefly explains the 32 vs 64bit thing and offers to try and buy the 64bit version.

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    This perhaps could help you, for some stuff like the Firefox download page (Auto detection + “Choose another platform” behaviour).

    I really want to pay for your program, but I have not even managed to install it, I only have 64-bit PC!

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    …or even better, as long as you’re using WordPress

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    I, too, need a 64bits version to purchase your usefull app. The 32bits version simply don’t connect to phonon backend.

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    I’m interested in your app as well and would like to try it in 64bit architecture !

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    I want to try Musictube but i can\’t since i\’m on a 64 bit Lubuntu and I can\’t install the 32 bits version of Musictube. Is there a way to get it work ?

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    Looks like a good app, but without a 64bit version useless to me. Correct me if I’m wrong but especially on Linux desktops I’d argue that 64bit is starting to become the norm…

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    If the interface for selecting which package to download is the problem, you could detect whether the user was on a 32 or 64 bit system by examining the user agent string. Seems like that would be an elegant solution, as it hides the “complexity” of having to decide from the user.

    You could put in an override link near the bottom for people who want to use 32-bit on a 64-bit system for whatever reason. But I really do think those people are a very small minority. A simple text link saying “(Advanced) Were you looking for the 32-bit version?” should suffice.

    Honestly, I feel like knowing the difference between a 32-bit OS and a 64-bit one is a bit like knowing whether to put diesel or regular gas in your car. But I do understand that some people are extremely afraid/ignorant of some aspects of technology, and thus don’t understand the difference.

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    Stuck w/o 64bit support :-(

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    An 64-bit version in mandatory. I also use 64-bit Ubuntu on all my laptops and Pc’s.
    And most laptops and pc’s hitting the market nowadays are 64-bit anyway!
    So i also think an separate package is needed.
    Also now if i press the button to install, the software-center doesn’t find the app.
    It will be better, specially for less experienced users, if it would be found.
    I am for the nice way, auto detect the version, and a advanced button.
    It would be a very positive change!

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    /me too is waiting for a 64bit release

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    Flavio – What can we do to help promote Musictube to 64 bit version? I enjoy your other apps in Ubuntu and this could easily be listed for sale in the Ubuntu Software Center. Most new computers are all 64 bit. My sister just bought a computer 5 days ago… It has 16GB of RAM memory. Surely she would never run 32 bit on that. She has 64 bit Ubuntu 11.10.

    I will go crazy and help push Musictube on my website! Please release a 64 bit version. Thank You! I will be one of the first to purchase this in support of your efforts!

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    I force installed the 32 bit DEB file (sudo dpkg -i –force-depends musictube.deb) on my 64 bit Ubuntu computer and Musictube did install, but it is unplayable. Here is the error message from the terminal “musictube: error while loading shared libraries: libphonon.so.4: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64”

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    Musictube 64bit is coming to the Ubuntu Software Center with version 1.1.1. Thanks everybody for pushing the issue.

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