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    Each time I attempt to run Finetune it hangs. At different percentages the software stops and will stay stuck. I have to restart the software and it still happens again. I downloaded this from the Mac App store. Is there a difference between this version and the one on your website? Please help.

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    Have the same problem. Reported under a different thread but still unresolved. Don’t know of the app is under active development, because since version 1 I’ve not managed to actually finish the processing of my library. Only independent folders… and that takes too long if you’ve 6,000 tracks.

    Some feedback (though I get the impression Flavio isn’t really reading them):
    1. I’d like to know WHAT is actually processed in those 6 steps. Is it merely breaking down larger libraries in smaller chunks or are these different corrections/checks taking place?

    2. Release an update that FIXES the hanging bug. Or allow for the selection of multiple folders at least, maybe through drag n’ drop.

    3. Allow for the artwork size to be customized. Speaking of which, what size is Finetune using?

    I still think Finetune shows promise, but since paying for it a year ago it hasn’t done anything for me. I’m back to SongKong for the time being.

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    What version of Finetune are you using? The latest version of Finetune splits the processing in multiple steps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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